Want to Give it a Go?

Don't wait to be asked!

Why not come and join us for a couple of regular events and see for yourself if the Round Table is for you. 

Give it a go!

If you attend a few meetings it will give you the chance to meet everyone and get a feel for the club -- we have our own personality and unique atmosphere, so trying more than one will help you find the club that's right for you.

Think about joining

Once you've been to a couple of meetings, you will become  a "prospective member". This means you have declared a strong interest in becoming a member, and the Tablers at your local club will spend some time explaining what kinds of things they do socially, the week-to-week rhythms of the club, and where they focus their community involvement, perhaps. This is the time where you seriously consider your involvement, and whether you want to join.

Take the plunge

The final step is then that you are invited to join, and are enrolled in your local club. Depending on the club, this can in itself be an experience!

"You could not have hoped for a more

welcoming group of guys to become a part of"

Table Time